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I see big things for you in 2018.

Hi there! I'm Christine. I've spent a lot of years "getting my hands dirty" working inside restaurants, so I truly appreciate from a personal perspective how hard restaurants work to make every penny count. There are so many expenses involved with opening + running a successful, profitable restaurant. I get it. Maybe you don't want to pay for marketing + advertising. Maybe you don't believe it actually works?! I get it. 

My goal -- alongside my social savvy friends and favorite local professionals -- is to help you "put butts in seats." That's the goal. Get more people to notice you. Get more people to walk through the door...

The web is hungry. What are you feeding it?

Through online marketing, social media and the latest in hospitality tech, more diners are now able to locate you and experience your love of food first hand. But it requires a bit of work and creativity on your part! Are you ready to up your game?

I  want to help. I have over 20 years of hospitality industry experience from FOH to Sales + Marketing. I'm a graduate of  Stanford University, I love to travel + I love being my own boss. You can read more about me, Christine Wayne, on LinkedIn + Facebook + my personal blog

Your restaurant has a story. I look forward to helping you share it.

This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship...

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