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So, your business is on the web... Are you making them hungry??!

No, seriously. That post you just shared... Is that your best work? Just because it happened, doesn't mean that it needs to be shared. Are you putting your best foot forward? Are you using the appropriate hashtags to expand your social reach? Are you geo-tagging? Many of you are busy trying to run a beautiful, service-oriented restaurant with great (consistent) food and happy guests. Who has time for #hashtags???

Creative, interactive content, drool-worthy photos... all curated by a sassy New York native with knowledge of food, hospitality and social media. It's the perfect recipe! Let's work together to develop a social media marketing strategy that will effectively deliver your message in a unique + memorable way.

The Hungry Web: Social Media Consulting

Let's talk techniques and strategy in creating a social media presence. Do you want to manage our own social media, but don't know where to start? Deep breath. We got this! {Plans run from beginner to intermediate to advanced}

Social Media Assessment + Goal Setting

Online Clean-Up

Strategy for Brand Consistency

Social Media 1:1 Training

31 Day Content Calendar

Food Photography Coordination

Blogger + Influencer Relationships

Strategic Partnership Consultation

Are you ready to get started?

I realize that running a business takes all of your focus and time. I want to help you tackle the ever-changing, oh-so-intimidating, not-going-away, pink elephant in the room: Social Media. Not everyone wants to talk about it, but people are talking about it. Let's face it head on, shall we? 

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